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Our Story

Our company's journey began with a simple yet significant realization: the need to address the challenges arising from the use of domestic trash cans. It was in those everyday moments of dealing with overflowing bins, struggling with heavy loads, and encountering unsightly messes that our founders saw an opportunity to make a difference.


In the quest for a cleaner, more convenient solution, they embarked on a mission to innovate and redefine how we manage our household waste. This was the birth of our business—a journey fueled by a commitment to tackle these common problems head-on.


Over the years, our team of dedicated individuals worked tirelessly to develop products that would revolutionize the way people interacted with their trash bins. Through research, design, and countless prototypes, we honed in on the perfect solution: HANDLEFLEX.

Handleflex is a device that helps you to take care of your garbage, trash can or bin. Handleflex Photo on the Grass.
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